World premiere

Included in the Three-Day Mona Pass ($139–$179 + booking fee) or relevant Day Pass ($55–$69 + booking fee)

Pianist extraordinaire Michael Kieran Harvey will unveil his latest avant-garde composition for keyboards inspired by Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel The Green Brain (1966), which imagines the emergence of a superior insect intelligence in the face of humankind’s devastation of the biosphere.

Each movement of the twenty-part cycle interprets the characteristics of a different kind of insect, which writer Arjun von Caemmerer reconstructs into a series of ‘concrete’ poems emblazoned on the walls of a jungle-like gallery space—designed by installation artist (and Mona favourite) Brigita Ozolins.

Image: Brain of the Queen ant Cardiocondyla Obsucrior Prof. Simon Sprecher, Sprecher Lab, University of Fribourg, Switzerland